The media learned about the order of the Seagull against kickbacks and corruption in public procurement

Yuri Chaika has approved a plan to combat kickbacks and corruption in public procurement in the end of July. The representative of the Ministry of economic development has confirmed receipt of the order. According to the newspaper “Vedomosti”, the plan is linked to government and state-owned companies and monopolies.

The publication said that to bring order to the execution of the Prosecutor General’s office will be responsible for the contract system of the Ministry of economic development, which manages the procurement of the FAS. Also, the execution of the order will involve the Finance Ministry, the FSB, Russia’s Investigative Committee and the interior Ministry. Timing of order — the second half of 2016 and 2017.

In the main part of the plan contains proposals to change the legislation. The Prosecutor General’s office wants to introduce criminal responsibility for violations in public procurement, mandatory verification of affiliation, the disclosure of subcontractors in large orders, and other measures. In the practical part of the plan on joint inspections and investigations of procurement for defence and law enforcement spheres, as well as for “other state and municipal needs”, according to “Vedomosti”.

Prosecutor General’s office also proposed to introduce the concept of “conflict of interest” in the purchase of state-owned companies and expand the list of posts which cover this concept in the procurement of the state.

According to the representative of the Ministry of economic development, the point about the introduction of the concept of “conflict of interest” already included in the plan at the initiative of the Ministry. The interlocutor of the newspaper noted that the requirements on the prohibition of conflict of interest should apply not only to staff in contracted services, members of commissions and customers, as well as to their superiors, if they can influence them.

The head of Department for combating cartels FAS Andrey Tenishev expressed the opinion that expanding the list of persons who can be prosecuted for conflict of interests is a way to prevent more serious violations and corruption.