The media talked about possible responses to the cyber attacks on US Democrats

Speaking at a security forum in aspen, the head of the CIA, John Brennan, as noted by The New York Times, talked about the cyber attacks on organizations associated with the Democratic party of the United States, and carefully chosen words to avoid a direct mention of Russia.”

He stressed that when will be determined responsible for the break-ins at high levels of government will discuss “the proper course of action that will be taken.” “It is obvious that intervention in the US electoral process is very, very serious subject,” he said.

The U.S. does not exclude the possibility of adopting measures in response to cyber attacks, said at the forum in turn, the adviser of US President Barack Obama for homeland security Lisa Monaco, speaking generally and avoiding discussion of the recent break-ins.

According to her, the us “should make it clear that the answer” if cyber attacks were “sufficiently serious”. At the same time, she noted that if the answer is “there is a danger of escalation and misinterpretation” and “the United States needs to approach this very responsibly”.

Monaco also said that the U.S. needs to consider the classification of the political system of the United States to “critical infrastructure”.

Two senior sources in The New York Times in the presidential administration, speaking about the possibility of reply, said that it can vary from hacker counter-attacks on the FSB and GRU of Russia to the sanctions — particularly economic — in relation to those persons responsible for break-ins.

However, ABC News, citing three sources who have held positions in US intelligence, writes that the national security Agency is already working in respect of two associated with the Russian government hacking groups. The goal is to determine whether they are responsible for the attacks on the structures associated with the Democratic party of the United States.

About the latest major cyber attack on the computer system of the election headquarters of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton became known in the night on Saturday. Then a source in law enforcement bodies of the USA told The New York Times that the attack might be related to Russian special services.

Previously had committed a cyber attack on the national Committee of the Democrats. US intelligence agencies, wrote The New York Times, came to the conclusion that burglary “with high probability” are the Russian authorities.

Later the hacking was subjected to the network Committee of the Democratic party in congressional elections. Then, it was reported that the cyber attack can be the Russian hackers.

Reuters, citing sources wrote that the national security division of the justice Department is conducting an investigation, whether threatened cyber attacks the security of the country. Part of this Department, was noted close to the investigation sources, means that the administration of President Barack Obama came to the conclusion that the hacking attacks were sponsored by any state.

Campaign Manager Clinton after the attack on the national Committee said that hacking was allowed “the Russians to help Donald Trump”. That such statements called ridiculous and far-fetched. The Kremlin in turn such accusations as “absurd”.