The Prime Minister of Bavaria has rejected the migration policy Merkel

Speaking to reporters after a meeting with party members, Seehofer said that he could not at all desire to agree with the slogan “Yes, we’ll do it,” which became a symbol of the migration policy of Merkel, reports Reuters. This is the slogan of the Chancellor was constantly used during the mass influx of migrants to Europe last August, urging Germans to unite and to support the policy of Germany, took on its territory, thousands of refugees from Asia and Africa.

“The problem is too big, and its solutions are unsatisfactory. A necessary condition for the security of our country is a restriction of migration,” said the Bavarian Prime Minister.

Partly agree with Seehofer and the Deputy Minister of Finance, Germany Jens span, who in an interview with Die Welt said that authorities had put more pressure on arriving in the country of migrants who refuse to live by the laws of the country.

In Bavaria, there were several attacks by lone-wolf terrorists, in which 15 people were killed, dozens were injured varying degrees of severity.

Merkel herself in the middle of the week refused to review the migration policy, however, proposed a plan of nine points, which includes, for example, counter-radicalization arriving in the country.

As reported by Europe Online Magazine, the Chancellor does not agree the majority of inhabitants of Germany. The survey, published on Saturday, 48% of respondents said that they categorically reject the slogan “Yes we can”, and another 18% partially disagree with him. Full support for the efforts of Merkel, suggested only 8% of citizens. This is the lowest rate from 15 August 2015.