The Prosecutor’s office found in the suburbs, in the underground headquarters of “United Russia”

The Central election Commission (CEC) on Monday reviewed the appeal of the co-chair of the movement “Golos” Gregory Melkonyants about the use of administrative resource during the election campaign in the Moscow region.

Melkonyants in his complaint, said the discovery on the official website ADMINISTRACII GORODSKOGO OKRUGA Krasnoznamensk (Moscow region) the document on formation of headquarters for the organization and preparation of elections of deputies of the state Duma in the district. According to the document, members of the campaign staff have become officials and United Russia, and their function was the organization of candidates ‘ meetings and work with the population. Head of administration Alexander Kondrashin named in the document chief of staff, said it was “rough draft” and the persons engaged in a coordinated election. In Council of deputies of the city after the publication reported that no information about the headquarters not placed and the document was not placed by officials, and someone from the outside.

Pamfilova, examining the case noted that the formation of election headquarters in the administration is “very controversial issue”, and asked to hear the Chairman of Moscow election Committee Irina Konovalov. The electoral Commission of the Moscow region sent a request to the Prosecutor’s office and the regional office of the Ministry of internal Affairs, said Konovalov. On Monday the Moscow electoral Commission received a response from the prosecution. The local authorities Krasnoznamensk headquarters for the organization, preparation and conduct of elections of the state Duma on the territory krasnoznamenskogo city district was not created and on the official website of local governments were not placed, quoted Konovalov response from the Department.

“The document is not official because no one signed and not approved,” said Konovalov arguments of the Prosecutor’s office. On the document creation date, signed by an authorized officer, and the link does not send to the domain the official website of the local self-government bodies”.

The document has been removed from the website of the regional administration, commented on the statement in his Facebook Melkonyants, but search in “Yandex” still shows that he was placed on the official website of the administration — It initially could not be found in the pages of the website, but the activists found a document on finding the words “campaign headquarters” on the sites of local administrations, Melkonyants explained .

Pamfilova stressed that Moscow region is under special control. “I ask you and your colleagues in the regions with predilection to treat this situation. If, God forbid, where-that creates any staff who uses an administrative resource on the one of the parties, immediately inform us is unacceptable,” she said. Staffs can be arranged to assist in the logistical and transport arrangements, without involving party functionaries and members of election commissions, she said. The chair asked the member of the CEC Sergey Danilenko to prepare on its behalf a letter to all heads of subjects of the Russian Federation on the inadmissibility of creating this kind of staff.