The TFR declined to stop the prosecution of the owner of Domodedovo

The investigative Committee (SKR) has extended the period of investigation in relation to the owner of Domodedovo airport Dmitry Mason and three top managers- Vyacheslav Nekrasov, Svetlana Trichinae and Andrei Danilov, writes “Kommersant”.

The case was filed in April of last year. The defendants were charged with the execution of works or services that do not meet the requirements of safety, entailed on imprudence death of two or more persons (article 238 of the criminal code). According to investigators, in 2010, the airport management changed the system of examination and this allowed the suicide bomber in January 2011 to enter the building and detonate a bomb.

As reminds the edition, a preliminary investigation on the case had expired on 28 July. The decision on the extension of the TFR received in spite of four submitted to the Committee the request of Deputy Prosecutor General Vladimir Malinovsky to stop the prosecution of Mason and other defendants in the case.

The last requirement has already been the Chairman of the RCDS Alexander Bastrykin has written to the acting Prosecutor General Alexander Gutan. According to “Kommersant”, under the criminal procedure code of the Russian Federation the order of Gutan were not subject to appeal, and Bastrykin had to take “urgent measures” to establish the rule of law in a criminal case.

The day before, according to the newspaper, the representative of the Prosecutor General Aleksandr Kurennoy said that the response from the TFR to the demands of “not yet received”, but the Supervisory authority expects it and hopes for the positive decision of this question”. Instead, according to the newspaper, just in the TFR continued its investigation, extending the investigation period for another three months.

As the source said, officially, the TFR declined to comment, and additional time for investigation is necessary, in particular to track down and interrogate all victims on business. “Kommersant” notes that some time ago the management of Domodedovo has created a special Fund “Aviation”, the airport on his own initiative began to pay a charitable donation to the victims of the terrorist attack at the airport. Those, in turn, began to withdraw the lawsuits.

The lawyer of victims Igor Trunov confirmed the version with the victims. According to him, the actions of TFR “there is a certain logic”, because at the moment of payment received 110 of the 215 victims and accordingly about a hundred people are in “limbo.” In the event of termination of the case they may not get paid. According to Trunova, the investigators need to have with them a number of procedural actions, and to finish all previously assigned the examination of the case, to execute all documents. Otherwise, says counsel, the claims will occur to the investigators that collected the evidence against Mason, and then, suddenly “turned 180 degrees”.

As pointed out by “Kommersant”, the decision on prolongation of terms of investigation coincided in time with the Collegium of the Prosecutor General, where were discussed the issues of protection of the entrepreneurs from unnecessary harassment of law enforcement.