The United States will begin production of a modernized nuclear bomb

The national nuclear safety administration (NNSA) has officially sanctioned the engineering stage of production of the modernized nuclear bombs B61-12. This is the official website of the Department.

Work on the engineering stage of the program was conducted four years. Production of the first sample of the B61-12 is scheduled for 2020, then the US will begin full production of bombs.

According to the head of NNSA Frank Klitza, at the moment the bomb has the oldest components that exist in the U.S. Arsenal. Thanks to the modernization of the bomb will last for at least another 20 years, said Klotz.

In November 2015 in Nevada in the United States over the atomic bomb tests of the B61-12. F15E fighter plane dropped a test version of the bomb with no charge. Test controlled flight in a realistic environment was successful.

Upgraded nuclear bomb B61-12 will replace the nuclear bombs of the B61 series: B61-3, -4, -7, -10, which now stand at US army.

The B61 was developed in 1963. Its development was carried out over two years.