Trump said the threat of a Third world war over Crimea

According to the newspaper Politico, trump ridiculed the attacks in the press, that followed an interview with ABC News George Stephanopoulos. Journalists accused trump in that he allegedly did not know about the annexation of Crimea, which until 2014 was part of Ukraine, to Russia.

“I know this for sure. It was about two years ago. About,” said trump. Further, the candidate returned to the situation in an interview, when he told Stephanopoulos that Russia is not going to invade the Ukraine. The journalist replied Trump, “she’s already in Ukraine.” “I said, yeah, okay, that was two years ago. I mean, you want to return, you want to start a Third world war to get it back?”, explained trump their position.

The Los Angeles Times also reported that trump once again called for friendly relations with Russia. “Wouldn’t it be nice if the US, together with Russia broke the “Islamic state” [activities of the group banned in Russia]? Am I not right in saying that?” — said trump. He added that such an Alliance could join other neighbouring country and, perhaps, NATO.”

The Tram several times reminded that all this happened “under the supervision of the [Barack] Obama.”