Chancellor of Austria, acknowledged the negotiations on the accession of Turkey into the EU fiction

Kern wants to raise this issue at the meeting of the European Council on 16 September, reports the Austrian TV channel ORF.

According to the Chancellor, the ongoing negotiations on the accession of Turkey to the Commonwealth are “only a diplomatic fiction.” Kern noted the lack of progress in these negotiations. In his opinion, in reality, Turkey has no real prospect of accession [to the EU]”. The Chancellor proposed to consider “alternative concept” for Turkey.

“We know that the democratic standards in Turkey are insufficient to qualify for membership [in the EU],” added the Chancellor of Austria.

Earlier, on 1 August, Reuters reported that European diplomats are concerned about the rapprochement between Russia and Turkey. In particular, the concern was the statement on the resumption of the project “Turkish stream” in Brussels that saw the strengthening of Moscow. “Friendship between Turkey and Russia can become a problem if Russia tries to change Ukraine to Turkey. For Turkey to get cheap gas from Russia makes sense, but it is likely to be a problem for us,” said a senior source from the EU.

25 July, the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, the TV channel France2 has declared that negotiations with Turkey about its EU membership will be immediately terminated, if the authorities decide to impose the death penalty. Assessing Ankara’s actions after the suppression of the military coup, Juncker said that “Turkey in its present state in the near future can not become a member [of the EU]”.

Ankara has also demanded from the EU that the decision on visa-free regime for Turkish citizens was taken in September-October. Otherwise, Turkey has threatened to terminate the agreement on refugees, one of which was the weakening of the visa regime for Turks.

On the night of July 16, in Turkey there was a military coup attempt. On the following day the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the country may be imposed the death penalty. Erdogan called the measure “by request of the people in a democratic state”, remembering that at the meeting in Istanbul, the crowd was urged to introduce a measure of punishment for people who tried to seize power.

Next, after the suppression of the rebellion days in Turkey intensified repression, there were mass dismissals and arrests. European leaders have expressed their concern about the violation of human rights in Turkey.

In may 2016, the Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron said that Turkey cannot join the European Union before the year 3000 at the current pace of negotiations with the countries — EU members. “Even in the plans there is no chance that Turkey will soon become an EU member. The country applied in 1987. And with the current development progress [in the negotiations] they may be able to join the Union around the year 3000, according to the latest forecasts,” said Cameron.

David Cameron July 13, resigned as Prime Minister after the referendum he has promised to spend the majority of his countrymen voted to secede from the European Union.