Erdogan has vowed to block the sources of income of companies Gulen

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a meeting with businessmen of the country, as Reuters reports, said that business is the area where the “network” of the writer, preacher and Imam Fethullah Gulen is still strong. He promised to block the sources of income of companies linked to Gulen, whom the Turkish authorities believe the mastermind of the military coup, and vowed not to show mercy in the attack on the interests of Gulen. Erdogan called the company, schools and charitable organizations to which he has the attitude, “nests of terrorism”.

Erdogan also said that the government must rebuild state institutions after a military coup and that the country needed urgent steps to restructure the armed forces. In addition, the Turkish President stressed that the Central Bank should strive to increase foreign exchange reserves to an amount equal to at least $165 billion, and also urged lenders to reduce interest rates for home purchases to a level of about 9%. Current interest rates he described as “brutal”.

On the night of July 16 in Turkey was a coup attempt. The rebels seized some government buildings in Ankara and Istanbul. Later, the authorities announced the capture of the situation in the country under control. According to the interior Ministry of the country in a coup were killed 238 people, 2.9 thousand were injured.

The Turkish authorities called Gulen living in the United States, the mastermind of the coup. That, in turn involvement in the coup denies.

After a coup attempt was declared a state of emergency for a period of three months. The authorities took the decision to close 131 media, as well as to suspend the European Convention on human rights.

After the revolt, as reported by the interior Minister of Turkey Efkan Ala, arrested 25.9 thousand people. Taken into custody 13.4 thousand people, and in 74,5 thousand cancelled passport.