Hungary called “unrealistic” the Russian attack on any NATO country

The Minister of foreign Affairs and external economic relations of Hungary péter Szijjártó believes “unreal” the possibility of a Russian attack on any member of NATO. He stated this on Tuesday in an interview with

Words Szijjártó has sounded against statements of authorities in other countries of Eastern Europe, including Poland and the Baltic States, which has repeatedly expressed concern about “hostile”, in their opinion, the actions of Russia, Reuters reports.

“I don’t think the assumption that Russia may attack any NATO member, now realistic,” said the Hungarian Minister. According to him, each of the States-members of NATO in its own way feels the expected from Russia as a threat. “We do not belong to Russia. I don’t think Russia will submit to us a significant threat,” said Szijjártó. However, he acknowledged that he respects other points of view.

In spring 2015, the conservative government of Viktor Orban approved the contract with Russian “Rosatom” on the construction in Hungary of two units for a nuclear power plant. In addition to Hungary, are relatively friendly policy toward Russia lead the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Reuters reports. In particular, the Slovak Prime Minister Robert fico called on Brussels to remove sanctions.

Other States in Eastern Europe say the growing military tensions with Russia. In particular, Bulgaria in July accused Russia of increasing cases of violation of air space. Previously, such statements were heard from the Baltic States. Russia these charges each time was rejected. Moscow said that if tensions in the region exists, it is caused by the activities of NATO.