Kazakhstan banned the import of cattle from Russia

The Ministry of agriculture of Kazakhstan announced a ban on the supply to the country from Russia of cattle and some other species of farm and wild animals.

The reason for the ban in the Ministry of agriculture called on the Yamal Peninsula recorded outbreaks of anthrax, as well as identified in several southern regions of Russia the centers of the nodular dermatitis.

“In this regard, the Republic of Kazakhstan from August 3 has introduced temporary restrictions on export from the Russian Federation agricultural and wild animals, genetic material, raw materials and products derived from animals, which the-hoof raw materials (horns, antlers, hooves), of raw hides (skins of horses, deer and wild animals)”, – stated in the message of the Ministry of agriculture.

Simultaneously, temporarily banned the transit through the territory of Kazakhstan is imported from Russia, cattle and other animals susceptible to nodular dermatitis. The ban covers and the genetic material is susceptible to nodular dermatitis of animals, raw hides and other products derived from cattle and is susceptible to animal diseases, as well as used equipment for keeping and transportation.

Previously, the foci of nodular dermatitis were identified in atyrauskiy region of Kazakhstan. On July 22, 2016, the Rosselkhoznadzor has banned the import into Russia from Kazakhstan, cattle and other susceptible to nodular dermatitis of animals (sheep, goats, etc.), as well as all kinds of products, prepared without treatment, “to ensure destruction of the virus nodular dermatitis”.

Earlier in the Karaganda region of Kazakhstan there was an outbreak of anthrax, which killed two people. However, the Ministry of agriculture assured that the epizootic situation for anthrax in Kazakhstan is stable.