Obama praised the consequences of tampering with the mail Democrats for relations with Russia

United States President Barack Obama said that if Russia was involved in the hacking of the servers of the National Committee of the Democratic party (DNS) of the United States, he would discuss it with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, but it would not seriously impact on the relations with Russia. Such a statement Obama made at a press conference, reports Reuters.

He stressed that the US has “a lot of disagreements with Russia on a range of issues.” “But I think we would try to focus on those areas where we still have common interests,” Obama said.

The internal correspondence of the Democrats on 22 July published the WikiLeaks. Subsequently, it was reported about two cyber attacks on the networks of the US Democratic party.

Representatives Democrats blamed for hacking the servers to Russia. So, campaign Manager, Hillary Clinton, Robby Mook told ABC television that the leaked documents were allowed “the Russians to help Donald Trump”. The candidate in US presidents from Democrats Hillary Clinton stated that the servers of the Democratic party hacked by Russian special services.

The New York Times, citing employees of several companies in the field of computer security, wrote that the cyber attack discovered the “Russian trace”. Later, the newspaper, citing Federal sources wrote that, as reported by U.S. intelligence agencies to the White house, with “high probability” for tampering with the mail are the Russian authorities.

Meanwhile, official representatives of the American authorities no one laid the blame for these incidents. Polled by Reuters sources in the us intelligence community stated that Obama is not desirable to assign responsibility for cyber attacks on Russia. In their opinion, hasty steps could lead to global confrontation with Russia. The interlocutors also pointed out that if the White house publicly accused of hacking the Russian special services, it will require you to disclose evidence of their involvement, which is based on information from top-secret sources and top secret methods.

Official Moscow denies the involvement of Russian special services to hacking servers of the Democrats. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the accusations, Clinton said that her words “do not contain anything specific and correspond to the genre of pre-election rhetoric. “Charges by Russian hackers in some action does not mean the accusations of the Russian leadership”, — said Peskov.