Police showed the full video placing the bomb under the car Sheremet

Ukrainian police on Thursday on a press-conferences in Kiev showed the full version of the video, which captured the moment of laying explosives under the car that killed the journalist Pavel Sheremet, the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

Previously published in the media bookmarked video bomb is a fragment of this record, marks the channel.

“This is the video that was obtained during pre-trial investigation in the specified criminal proceedings, which will be seen individuals, which we establish in the criminal proceedings <…> We tracked the movement in Kiev, as they moved to the place and how they went”, — told on a press-conferences the representative of the investigation, noting that on some videos is quite clearly possible to recognize facial features of these individuals.

Procedural Prosecutor of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Andriy Shevchenko during the press conference noted that the consequence yet has no data on the suspects, the men and women who installed an explosive device under a car. He added that on August 3, “was circulated screenshots of the suspects.”

Speaking about the signs of the suspects, Shevchenko said that the man appearing in the video, strong body with a characteristic appearance — “Spanish beard”. Experts have estimated its growth in the range of 168-175 cm, he said. The woman with the video 5 cm accomplice, her height — in the range of 163-168 cm

Shevchenko added that law enforcement officers continue to focus on the four versions in the case of murder Sheremet. “This is a personal hostile relations of the deceased, it is his professional journalistic activities, this may destabilize the situation in Kyiv and overall in the country, because of the death of a prominent journalist and the fourth is when the wrong object because the car used and Olena Prytula,” said Shevchenko.

Sharamet killed in the explosion the vehicle in the center of Kyiv on July 20. He was buried on 23 July in Minsk.