Reuters reported the possible impact of the Russian space forces on refugee camps in Syria

Syrian monitoring centre for human rights, based in London, told Reuters about the attacks on the refugee camps in Northern Syria. The blows were inflicted in the camps to the West of Aleppo and near the Turkish border on Thursday, 4 August. According to human rights defenders, during the attack killed at least two children, and another thirty people were injured. Several handkerchief, inhabited by refugees, were damaged or burned. The Agency said that the strikes targeted areas near the city of Ataribe, which is controlled by rebels.

Human rights activists explained that the blows allegedly struck the aircraft of Russian air force. This conclusion they did based on the color planes and the fact that the attack was attended by several aircraft flying in military formation, according to Reuters.

In recent months the Russian air force repeatedly accused of attacks on places of settlement of refugees. So, American officials from intelligence and defence said The New York Times, these attacks were carried out on 11 and 12 July. According to sources, as a result of the attacks to camps near the border with Jordan, killing more than 130 people.

The Russian authorities have repeatedly stated that the Syrian group strikes only on members of extremist groups. Allegations of attacks on rebel positions and camps of refugees in Moscow were rejected.

At the end of July the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu said that Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to begin in Aleppo, a major humanitarian operation. It was noted that to leave the city can not only civilians, but the Islamists, who wished to lay down their arms. On the eve of the Russian authorities reported that about 400 civilians, including 76 children, have already left the city.