Reuters reported the use of gas in the area of falling of Mi-8 in Syria

On the use of toxic gas in Sarakeb Reuters reported the Syrian civil defence who call themselves neutral organization volunteers engaged in search and rescue operations. According to them, the gas containers were thrown in the night of Tuesday from a helicopter.

The representative of the Syrian civil defence told Reuters that the poisoning received 33 people, mostly women and children. According to the Agency, the organization posted a YouTube video allegedly showing the choking people who are staff in the form of civil defense gives an oxygen mask. Discover this video on YouTube failed. On the organization’s website mention of the incident in Seracare at the time of publication has not appeared.

Employees of the Syrian civil defence, who visited the scene of the incident, stated that, in their opinion, chlorine gas was used, but they can’t confirm that. Official representative of the organization told Reuters that the gas was contained in barrels of medium size, but the composition of a substance not identified.

The use of gas in Seracare the Agency confirmed observers of the Syrian center for monitoring the observance of human rights.

Monday near Sarakana, near the village of tel a-Sultan was shot down by Russian Mi-8 helicopter. On Board were five people killed. In a statement, the defense Ministry said that the helicopter was returning to the base Hamim “after the delivery of humanitarian aid in Aleppo city”.

Seraka is in Idlib province, about halfway between Aleppo and Mamimum located near the Mediterranean coast. For the attack helicopter responsibility while nobody took.

According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, after the incident with the helicopter, the defense Ministry considered the option of using strategic aircraft for strikes on rebel positions around Aleppo. The head of the U.S. Department of state John Kerry earlier urged Russia to refrain from offensive operations in Syria and to deter people from such actions of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.