Syrian group demanded to exchange the bodies of the crew of Mi-8 on prisoners

The Syrian group, which calls itself the “Universal Fund of prisoners ‘Affairs” (General Foundation for Prisoners’ Affairs), demanded the release of prisoners from Syrian jails in exchange for the bodies of the Russians shot down in Idlib helicopter Mi-8. About it reports Reuters, which got acquainted with the statement of the group.

According to the Agency, the group said it holds five bodies of Russians killed in a helicopter crash. The group is ready to transfer bodies if they released the prisoners that are contained in controlled Damascus prisons, and being held by Hizbullah in Lebanon. The statement does not specify the names of the prisoners and their numbers.

The group also demanded an end to the siege areas, which are blocked by the Syrian army and its allies. Representatives of the “General Fund of prisoners ‘Affairs” also insist on the delivery of a significant amount of humanitarian assistance to the people living in these areas.

As noted by Reuters, the statement demonstrates the documents that allegedly belong to those killed in the crash of Mi-8.