The American intelligence found unprofitable to accuse Russia of hacking

US President Barack Obama should carefully weigh the reaction to the hackers in the organizational structure of the Democratic party, the involvement of the experts in the field of cyber security, accusing Moscow, according to respondents to Reuters sources in the American government. Reckless steps, in their opinion, can lead to a global confrontation with Russia.

Sources in U.S. intelligence told the Agency that if the White house publicly accused of hacking the Russian special services, it will require you to disclose evidence of their involvement, based on information from top-secret sources and top secret methods.

Response of the United States against Russia in cyberspace will lead, according to the interlocutors Reuters of the intelligence community, to the rapid escalation of mutual countermeasures. They fear that in the worst case, the Russian hackers penetrate U.S. power grid, financial institutions and other important infrastructure.

“No matter how outrageous interference in the democratic electoral process, but the cost of having to come out and say that it is Russian made, are likely to significantly outweigh the benefits of such a step, if he just actually give any advantage”, — told Reuters one of the intelligence officials, who requested anonymity when discussing sensitive issue.

Recently it became known about attacks by hackers on the national Committee of the US Democratic party (DNC), at the headquarters of the electoral campaign of the presidential candidate of the Democrats, Hillary Clinton and on the Committee to raise funds for election to the house of representatives.

On Sunday, Clinton accused Russian special services of hacking into the computer network of the DNC, resulting in the WikiLeaks published internal correspondence of the party leadership. American intelligence, wrote The New York Times, came to a similar conclusion and reported it to the White house. However, the official representatives of the American authorities no one laid the blame for these incidents.

CIA Director John Brennan said that the country’s leadership will consider the question of the “correct manner of action to be taken” only when the perpetrators of penetration into computer networks of the Democrats. Reuters notes that his sources in government and political circles, said they were unaware of the existence of evidence that the leaked e-mail via WikiLeaks was in some way connected with Russia.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov denied the charges, the consequences of Russian secret service involvement in the activities of the hackers and called their campaign rhetoric. “Charges by Russian hackers in some action does not mean the accusations of the Russian leadership”, — said Peskov. He noted that “the Russian official of the Ministry … has never engaged in cyber-terrorism, this cannot be and speeches”.