The beginning of the FIFA anti-doping investigation against 11 players

Request FIFA regarding the doping tests of players who were mentioned in the report of the independent Commission WADA under the leadership of Richard McLaren, has already received the Russian football Union (RFU), writes “R-Sport” with reference to the press service of the RFU.

“The RFU acknowledges the receipt from FIFA inquiry concerning the doping tests of several players. We will work on this issue with all authorities and give FIFA full cooperation”, — said the press service of the organization.

Earlier, FIFA said that the investigation against 11 Russian players mentioned in the report of McLaren, has already begun.

The McLaren report was published on 18 July. It said that after 2010 Russia had established a state system to replace the doping control Russian athletes that were widely used during the Olympics in Sochi. The Commission investigated the charges, which put forward the former head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, Grigory Rodchenkov.

The report said that between 2012 and 2015, Russian anti-doping Agency and the Ministry of sport, using the method developed by them, hid 643 positive doping test. The authors of the report said that in football, this practice was used 11 times. However, the names of the players in the report were not named.

On 24 July the international Olympic Committee (IOC) considered the question of possible suspension of Russian national team from the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro and decided that the decision on admission to Russian Olympics each athlete will adopt the relevant international Federation. This is stated in the press release of the Executive Committee of the organization, released the results of the meeting in Lausanne to discuss the possible suspension of the Russian team from participation in the Olympic games.

The last word, however, remained for the IOC. Each proposed the candidacy of the Russian federations of the athlete must approve and an independent Commission of the IOC, headed by Dr. Ugur.