The court found the former mayor of Yaroslavl guilty of accepting bribes

Kirovsky district court of Yaroslavl found the former mayor Yevgeny Urlashov is guilty of taking bribes from entrepreneurs, reports TASS. In addition Urlashov is guilty of bribery recognized by his Advisor Alexei Lopatin. Both were found guilty in two episodes, told Agency a press-the court Secretary Natalia Sarbanov.

Innocent recognized as the third defendant in the case, Deputy mayor Dmitry Donskov. “The state Prosecutor has not presented any evidence of fault of the Deputy mayor Donskova,” said the judge (quoted by “Interfax”). Donskov has already stated that in the event its justification ready to return to politics, the Agency reports.

The sentencing began yesterday. The punishment that will be sentenced Urlashov is expected to be announced tomorrow, August 3.

During debate of the parties the Prosecutor’s office asked to sentence Urlashov to 15 years of imprisonment and a fine of 500 million rubles. For the other two defendants in the case — former Advisor Lopatin and Deputy mayor Dmitry Donskova — the state prosecution has requested time eight and five years imprisonment respectively.

According to investigators, Urlashov demanded from the Director of the company Radostroy, OOO and the party member “United Russia” Sergey Shmelev a rollback in 14 million roubles — money from the contract amount, which the firm Shmelev received for work done for garbage collection in the city. A second bribe of 30 million rubles, according to the plot charges, Urlashov intended to obtain from the Director of “Artistree” Edward Avdalyan.

Himself Urlashov said repeatedly in the courts, he is innocent and his case was fabricated in order to remove from the city the mayor uncomfortable. “With me it was impossible to negotiate, and I decided to plant” — Urlashov said at a meeting of the Moscow city court, which extended his arrest. He insisted that in the case materials there is evidence of wiretaps of his talks and business negotiations. These talks confirm his position and accuses businessmen in collusion and fraud.