The court rejected the complaint of the General RCDS in a criminal case

Lefortovo court of Moscow on Wednesday has rejected the complaint of lawyers of the Deputy head of the Moscow Central Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR), General Denis Nikandrov, filed on the steps of the investigation, the correspondent from the courtroom.

On the complaint of the General said on the eve of protection. In the case nikandrova, at his request, delivered from the detention center “Lefortovo”, where it is contained. In the courtroom it was held by a reinforced unit of the convoy, accompanied by police with a Rottweiler. Nikandrov was placed in the cage for defendants, and ten men of his escort police officers and the dog remained on duty in the courtroom to ensure safety. On the benches for the audience is journalists.

The court session was kept secret at the request of the Prosecutor. Public hearing and public airing of the issues identified in the complaint, may result in disclosure of secrecy of the investigation, said the Prosecutor. Prior to that, in a secret operation held all the meetings of election of a measure of restraint Nikandrov, head of the security service of GSU Mikhail Maksimenko and his Deputy Alexander Limonova.

All of them were charged with receiving a bribe in especially large size (item 290 of the Criminal code). According to a source familiar with the investigation, money management SKR has promised to change the measure of restraint close friends reputable businessman Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Young) — Andrew Kochunov and Eduard Romanov detained after clashes near the cafe Elements on Rochdelskaya street in the capital in December 2015.

As told a source familiar with the investigation, initially against each of the defendants was filed separate criminal case. However, only in respect of nikandrova the resolution on initiation of proceedings was signed personally by the Chairman of the TFR Alexander Bastrykin. Proceedings in respect of Maximenko and Lamonova were initiated by investigators of the FSB, who are now investigating. It is this fact, said the source familiar with the investigation, could be cause for cancellation of orders.

By law (article 29 of the law “On Investigation Committee”) criminal cases against employees of the RCDS should excite himself to the Investigation Committee. Criminal cases against the leadership of the TFR, including the employees of the Central office, must personally sign the Chairman of the RCDS Bastrykin, says lawyer Edward Isetskiy.

“The legislator has formulated this position in order to preserve the independence of the investigators, that they are not afraid, in respect of which anyone can bring a criminal case — says Isetsky. In turn, one of the lawyers Lamonova stated that it also intends to file with the Lefortovo court a similar complaint challenging the initiation of criminal proceedings.