The FSB went on nikandrova through his mealtime conversations

According to “Kommersant”, the FSB involved in the case about the bribe to the staff of the TFR on the part of the thief in law Zachariah kalashova (known to law enforcement by the nickname of Shakro Young), some time could not figure out what high-ranking employees SK of Russia across Moscow was in collusion with the leaders of the main Directorate of interagency cooperation and private security RCDS Mikhail Maksimenko and Alexander by Lamonova, which immediately came under suspicion. In the course of the wiretap, the detectives heard the phrase, “General will help us”.

Later in SHGs in Moscow held a meeting at which reported to the employee versed with the case of a conflict with the shooting in the restaurant on Rochdelskaya street in Moscow, when people Kalashov, according to the investigation, tried to extort money from the owner of the institution. As reports the edition, the employee proposed to reclassify the case on arbitrariness, arguing that attacked the restaurant demanded a repayment of a debt. As a result of the meeting, which was attended by Nikandrov, approved this decision. Reclassification of cases was allowed to produce accomplices Kalashov to freedom, but this was prevented by the FSB, whose employees knew about the bribe of $5 million.

Employees of FSB have begun to quietly work when nikandrova and found out that he was a man Maximenko and Lamonova. They often dined together, and during “table talk under brandy” Maksimenko and Limonov guaranteed Nikandrov that it will not claim by Goosby when you see the prospect of promotion. It is argued that table talk was held under the tacit control of the FSB.

“Kommersant” points out that the FSB contacted at Nikandrov directly to the head of Department Alexander Bastrykin, who got acquainted with the collected circumstantial evidence and personally opened a criminal case against his subordinate. The Deputy Prosecutor General Viktor grin on ethical grounds, transferred the case not in the TFR, and the investigative Department of the FSB.

Nikandrov himself does not admit his guilt and filed a complaint to Prosecutor General Yury Chaika, but the response is not received.