The Kremlin has called speculation reports of changes in the government

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov commented on the publication of the Financial Times, in which predicted changes in the government after the elections to the state Duma.

“Exercises on the topic of the impending resignation of the government — they are not new. We know that consistently all guessing on a coffee thick”, he said. According to Peskov, “this is so constant speculation that it has ceased to be perceived as noteworthy information.

Answering the question about whether to be associated permutation with the desire to improve relations with the West, Peskov said that “President Putin has repeatedly demonstrated that Russia is open to improve relations with the West.” “But Russia does not intend to do something inside to please someone outside,” he said.

On Wednesday, the Russian media drew attention to a column by Timothy ash published on the website of the Financial Times on Monday, 1 August. The author writes that he “expects” from President Vladimir Putin’s government reshuffle after the elections.

The author of the column suggested that perhaps the resignation will be sent to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. According to him, this position may be assigned able to reform people, for example, Alexei Kudrin. The analyst is thus suggested that inviting Kudrin, Putin will not seek to undertake risky economic reforms. Similar appointment of the Russian President tries to send a signal of willingness to cooperate with Western countries.

As noted by ash, the appointment of Kudrin can answer the “will of the people” expressed in the Duma elections, and will coincide with the presidential election in the United States. This decision may have an impact on the discussion of extending the anti-Russian sanctions in December 2016.

Informed interlocutors attributed the recent staff reshuffle is the fact that Vladimir Putin has launched a series of large-scale permutations for the presidential elections in 2018. Their sources say the arrival in government of the people, which the President considers promising for the future electoral cycle. One of the interviewees said that the next stage of the reshuffle may affect already not middle managers, and senior management.

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In the column for FT ash suggested that in the near future the Kremlin will demonstrate a willingness to reform. He also expects Moscow’s rhetoric about the desire to ensure that to prevent a new cold war. The analyst believes that some European States may take such steps to achieve reconciliation with Russia.

Elections in USA, the expert considers crucial to the position of Russia. If you come to power strong leadership, the European leaders are unlikely to seriously change the established order, suggested the author of the column. According to him, the smallest changes in American policy toward Moscow will happen with the victory of Hillary Clinton. Ash has admitted that it will be for the Russian authorities more serious opponent than the current head of state Barack Obama. He also did not rule out that the Clinton victory may lead to deterioration of relations and escalation of hostilities in Ukraine and in Nagorno-Karabakh.

In turn, the victory of Donald trump, according to Ashe, in Moscow will perceive as positive. The analyst said that at present it is difficult to predict what foreign policy will lead a trump. Ash suggested that he may move away from multilateral to a more unilateral approach.