United Russia refused to participate in elections in Barvikha after the scandal

The leadership of the branch of “United Russia” in the Odintsovo district recommended that the United Russia party not to participate in re-elections in the rural settlement Barvihinskaya. This follows from the statements of the local branch of the party in the Odintsovo district, signed by members of the political Council (a copy is in).

At the same time to limit the right of United Russia at the nomination party will not be the case if they will go as independent candidates. This decision will help to avoid excessive politicization of the electoral process and any potential provocations, because in the last time “with this rural settlement involves a large number of scandals”, according to the local branch of the party.

In fact, rural settlement Barvihinskaya lives without Executive authority more than six months, in such a situation it is impossible to form and execute the budget, solve the problems of the residents at the local level, said in a statement.

The “United Russia” plans to monitor the voting sites with a single monitoring center and offer territorial election commissions Odintsovo district to equip all polling stations settlement Barvihinskaya web cameras inside and outside polling stations. The party will invite all the political forces participating in elections in the Moscow suburb Barvikha to create a single corps of observers and to sign the Memorandum.

Secretary of the Moscow regional regional branch of party “United Russia” Lidia Antonova declined to comment on the subject, citing the employment. sent a request to the local branch of the party in the Odintsovo district and is awaiting a response.

Associates Navalny this time do not plan to participate in the elections to the village Council, told the lawyer of FBK Ivan Zhdanov, who is nominated for election in April. From his words follows, then the task was to verify the electoral system after the change of leadership of the CEC: instead of Vladimir Churov headed by Ella Pamfilova. Now this is not a necessity: village elections will be dissolved on the background of the single voting day, he said.

Early elections of the village of Barvikha was appointed on April 24. Candidates in this election have registered employees FBK Alexei Navalny, who explained his decision to put forward the need to test the new composition of the CEC and its new Chairman, Ella Pamfilova. In the course of early voting supporters of Navalny alleged violations on the part of United Russia and in protest withdrew from the elections.

The CEC acknowledged the violations, and ordered the territorial Commission of the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region to cancel the decision of election Commission of Barvikha on the appointment and conduct of the elections. After scandal in Barvikha was followed by the resignation of the head of the Moscow electoral Commission Irek Vildanov, who headed the Commission since 2011.

The decision to direct on elections of United Russia as independent candidates, in this case, mutually beneficial, said the co-Chairman of movement “the Voice” Grigory Melkonyants. For “United Russia” is a kind of safety net, an opportunity to distance itself from possible scandals in the midst of the election campaign for the Duma, and for candidates, it is probably easier to be elected without the brand of “United Russia”, he suggests. In the regions often candidates have a rating higher than party, and party can affect the result, says the expert. In Barvikha obvious hatred of the brand “United Russia”, says Zhdanov.

The result of the election is not affected, said Alexander Kynev, an expert of the Fund of civil initiatives Alexei Kudrin. “If you wish, will be mobilized by the same people as before, regardless of whether the candidate from the party or as independent candidate,” he explains.