A key defendant in the case of “Slav” was sentenced to 11 years in prison

The Tver court of Moscow on Friday sentenced the former CEO of Slavyanka and founder of ZAO “Security and communication” Alexander Elkina to 11 years of imprisonment in colony of strict regime, reports “RIA Novosti”.

In addition to the prison term, the court appointed Elkin a fine of 500 million rubles. the court Also stripped of his military rank of Colonel and banned him three years to hold senior positions in the civil service and at the same time forbade him to engage in commercial activities.

The court found that Elkin “large-scale and systematically took “kickbacks” from contractors under government contracts of the Ministry of defense”, demanding from companies from 13 to 20% of the amount of Contracting and subcontracting contracts as commercial bribery, reports TASS.

“Slavyanka” was part of the holding “Oboronservis”, which in autumn 2012 was at the center of a corruption scandal in the Ministry of defence. Elkin, who was then General Director of Slavyanka, was arrested in November 2012. Besides him, in the case of “Slavyanka” was held the chief of Department of maintenance of the company Konstantin Lapshin, temporarily assuming the position of chief of economic management of the defense Ministry Nikolai Ryabykh, CEO of the company “Safety and communication” Andrey Lugansky and Yulia Rotanova, acting assistant Director General of the company. Depending on the role they each were charged with fraud in especially large size, commercial bribery and attempted the crime, and the legalization of the stolen funds, Elkina, the prosecution called the organizer of the criminal group.

According to the prosecution, the defence Ministry in 2010 had signed with CJSC “Security and communication”, the government contract for operational maintenance and integrated maintenance of barracks and housing and water supply of military camps in 2011-2012, and ZAO “Security and communication” signed subcontract agreements with the organizations of the heads which they began to demand money under threat of creating difficulties with payment of the executed works. According to TFR, over 15 months, participants of an organized criminal group received more than 130 million rubles as commercial bribery.

In addition, during the execution of the company “Safety and communication” other state contract for maintenance of Ministry of defense facilities under the fictitious acts of the performed works have been stolen more than 83 million rbl. On property and funds of the defendants in the amount of 900 million rubles seized.

The materials on the company “Slavyanka” was severed in the investigation of the case “Oboronservis”. The main accused in the case “Oboronservis” Evgenia Vasilyeva was who until 2012 headed the Department of property relations. In may 2015, the court found her guilty of fraud in the sale of the assets of the Ministry of defense and was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment in a General regime colony. Vasilieva was taken into custody in the courtroom. However, by this time the condemned has already served almost half of the sentence under house arrest in his Moscow apartment in the Dairy lane. 17 Aug 2015 Vasiliev filed a petition for parole (PAROLE). At the request of defense ex-official referred to several circumstances: convicted repaid all damages to the companies-victims and has the positive characteristics of the FPS. It was previously announced that it paid more than 216 million rubles of damage in the case of “Oboronservis” for all defendants.

25 Aug 2015 Vassiliev left the territory of the colony after the court granted her petition for PAROLE.