Obama has questioned Russia’s commitment to ceasefire in Syria

Russia’s recent actions in Syria forced Washington to doubt that Moscow remains committed to the ceasefire agreement. This was stated by President Barack Obama at a press conference at the Pentagon, Reuters reports.

“I’m not sure we can trust Russia and [President] Vladimir Putin. So we need to check whether you can reach a real cease — fire,” Obama said.

According to the American leader, Moscow may not achieve this truce. “Either because it does not seek, either due to the fact that she has no real influence on Bashar al-Assad,” — said the President.

Obama noted that the White house intends to verify whether the parties to achieve progress on Syria. “If not, Russia will show herself as an irresponsible actor on the world stage, which supports suicidal mode, and it will have to answer before this stage,” he concluded.

The US President stressed that Washington is ready to work with Moscow to strengthen efforts to combat “Islamic state” and”al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia). However, according to Obama, Russia has not made the necessary steps. The head of state stressed that “the time has come to show how serious she is determined to solve these problems.”