Sberbank has reduced requirements for young borrowers

Sberbank has reduced requirements for young borrowers

Moscow. 4 Aug. The savings Bank on the first of August began accepting applications for credit cards for certain categories of clients 21 years of age”. This was announced by the head of development Department of credit cards of Sberbank Igor Kovalyov, quoted by “Vedomosti”. According to him, until recently, the Bank focused its attention on audiences 25 years and older.

Sberbank April stopped issuing credit cards to people under 25 years, told “Vedomosti” the staff of the two branches of the Bank in Moscow. According to them, did not make sense even to fill out an application on the card, because the percentage of approval of such applications is minimal. One of them explained that limiting high loan defaults. On the website of Sberbank says that it gives out a credit card at age 21, the same stated in the call center of the Bank, the newspaper notes.

According to Kovalev, customers under 25 years less experienced in handling credit products. He adds that the solvency is not only affected by age. “Conditional guarantee of solvency of the young client may be, for example, regular salary is credited in the savings Bank is a big plus,” – said Kovalev “Vedomosti”.

However, the current pilot of Sberbank, according to Kovalev, calculated on 200 thousand customers in the age of 21-25 years, after the end of the product can be replicated. The market situation and detailed approach to the assessment of borrowers now allow us to provide credit card younger, said Kovalev.

Banks have increased the requirements for the age of the borrower at the end of 2014, in the midst of the crisis, but are now returning to credit to youth, showed the poll, “Vedomosti”.