The former head of the CIA called trump “an involuntary spy” Russia

Michael Morell, who in 2010-2013 he worked as the first Deputy Director of the CIA twice in that time fulfilled duties of the head of the column published in the newspaper the New York Times, which supported the candidature of Hillary Clinton for President of the United States and has criticized her opponent from the Republican party of Donald trump.

According to Morella, the Republican candidate, no experience in the field of national security” in contrast to Clinton’s four years heading the foreign Ministry — state Department. “More importantly, the very character of the tramp, as manifested during the election campaign, shows that he is weak and even dangerous, the Supreme commander,” notes Morrell.

In particular, the former official said such character traits trump the desire for self-promotion, reluctance to change views in the context of new information, a tendency to exaggerate and to make decisions based on intuition, negligence to the facts, unwillingness to listen to others and lack of respect for the rule of law. It’s not just the potential threats, which will be embodied in the case of trump’s victory in the election: they have already harmed U.S. national security because of his relationship to Russia, says Morell.

Ex-CIA chief recalled that the Russian leader Vladimir Putin is a career intelligence officer, trained to recognize the weak point in the character of the people. During the primaries in the U.S., says Morell, Putin “played the trump weaknesses of using flattery,” and he was exactly what Putin allegedly had hoped.

“Using our intelligence vocabulary, we can say that Putin recruited trump as an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation”, — said Morell.

In addition, the former scout has condemned anti-Islam demonstrations, the Republican nominee, which, according to him, adopt the rhetoric of the jihadists on the fight against terrorism as a religious war. Morell notes that during the work with Clinton was convinced of her professionalism and ability not to bring politics into national security issues.

“I am neither the Democratic party nor the Republican. In 40 years of polling experience I had to vote for those and for others, and never spoke out in favor of a particular candidate, being a public servant. But now I announce that November 8 will vote for Clinton,” said Morrell.

Michael Morell has worked at the CIA from 1980 to 2013. Initially, he acted as specialist in the Asia-Pacific region, and then went to the user control. As the first Deputy Director of the CIA, he was twice acting head of Department: in the period before the appointment and after the resignation of David Petraeus. After retirement in the summer of 2013 Morell is engaged in consulting in the field of international security and cooperating with the news program of CBS.

In recent weeks, the Russian subjects became one of key in the election campaign in the United States. Hillary Clinton accused Russia in the recent hacking of the servers of the Democratic party. A few days later, a conservative analyst Peter Schweizer suspected the very Clinton in a secret lobbying of the Russian innotsentr “SKOLKOVO” among American investors. Donald trump in an interview offered to “take into account the opinion of the Crimean people” in future the question of the affiliation of the Peninsula, after which the Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Valeriy Chaly said that now “many in Ukraine don’t know what to think.”