The Kremlin is involved “authoritative channel for discussing with Kiev Ambassador

Russia has not yet sent a request to get the agrément for the new Ambassador in Ukraine, and convened a “sounding very authoritative channel for his candidacy, told reporters at a briefing the assistant to the President Yuri Ushakov details of the negotiations on the nomination of the successor Mikhail Zurabov at the post of Russian Ambassador in Kiev. Zurabov was dismissed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on July 28. The proposal to consider a successor was sent to the Ukrainian side in parallel with the feedback Zurabov, said Ushakov.

“We expect some kind of definitive signal that we would ready the Ukrainian side to accept our candidacy or not. If we get a signal, then we go with the official request for approval,” — said Ushakov. That the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine has not received a request for agrement, on Thursday announced a t the representative office. However, last week the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov told journalists that the request for approval was sent.

“We have offered to Kiev as Ambassador candidate is a very experienced politician who not only never allowed any anti-Ukrainian statements, but that really is adjusted for constructive work to resolve the considerable problems. About the candidate the Ukrainian side is well known and we are now waiting for final signal in the closed channels,” — said Ushakov. Name of the candidate Ushakov, informed Sands called. However, the sources and other news agencies talking about the fact that we are talking about Mikhail Babich, the presidential envoy in the Volga Federal district.

Deputy Minister Elena zerkal on Wednesday said that the issue of after generally closed. But on Thursday, foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin slightly softened its stance and said that the question of post in the Kiva will be ready to consider once in the Donbas will be seen a positive trend.

Moscow this reaction is not enough, it follows from the video: “remarks of the Deputy Minister Elena zerkal and Minister Pavlo Klimkin. Upcoming discussion through the appropriate channels should confirm whether the final position of Kiev or we will get some additional nuances in this context,” said assistant to the President. On the question of journalists, suggested the Kremlin with the appointment of a new Ambassador Ushakov observed that the Kremlin went to replace, as it was decided to go to a meeting Zurabov, who was asked to resign.

According to Ushakov, Moscow believes that the diplomatic missions were headed by ambassadors, and not temporary attorneys. The Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow in 2014 is headed by the chargé d’affaires. At the level of Ambassador easier to solve problems, and there are more than enough, explained Ushakov.

During the absence of the Ambassador in Kiev is headed by Sergey Toropov in the position of chargé d’affaires.