The national guard will be able to evict debtors and close the company

Bailiffs will be able to attract soldiers of the national guard to the procedures of forced eviction of debtors, instilling in their place a claimants duty, but also an administrative suspension of activities of enterprises. Such amendments to the enforcement law proposes that the Ministry of internal Affairs (MIA). The project of the Ministry published on Thursday, August 4, on the portal of projects of normative acts.

Now the bailiffs, if necessary, can move and inspire people in the premises, and to suspend the work of individual entrepreneurs and companies with the help of the police. A project of the Ministry of internal Affairs suggests that, along with police officers will be able to attract and war created by the President of the national guard.

Representatives of the interior Ministry and national guard on Thursday evening, was unavailable for comment. In the explanatory note to the bill the need to involve servicemen of the national guard to participate in these procedures is not justified.

The forced eviction of the debtor from the premises is if he twice refuses to move out voluntarily within the deadline set by the bailiff. The same rule applies in the performance of the bailiffs of the court’s decisions on the release of non-residential premises and demolition of buildings, law on enforcement proceedings. Forced check of the claimant debt in the housing of the debtor bailiffs produced if the debtor opposes the indwelling of the creditor, the law says. Administrative suspension of activities of the companies Code resolves it for a period of up to 90 days) means their closures, and the bailiffs and sealed sealed rooms, warehouses and offices for a term determined by the court. In all these procedures required by law to participate witnesses.

In 2015 the execution by the Federal service of court bailiffs was 69,9 million Executive manufactures, report on the performance of services for the year 2015.

The national guard, created on the initiative of President Vladimir Putin last spring, already has broad powers. Under the bill, which Putin on 5 April submitted to the state Duma, employees of National guard troops may use firearms, lock the area to prevent mass riots, to apply physical force and special means to disperse demonstrations. In addition, the soldiers of Regardie will be able to check the documents, to draw up protocols on administrative offences and to detain citizens for up to three hours. When conducting counter-terrorism operations, the new power Ministry may withdraw and use the car and to detain citizens who violated curfew.

After the second reading of the bill on the formation of National guard troops (Regardie) the State Duma has expanded the list of powers of the generated service. Military personnel were allowed to use weapons in the crowd. In addition, the deputies allowed the guards to quell the riots and unrest in the colonies.

Part of the Federal troops Regardie to include units of the internal troops of the MIA of Russia, special forces, OMON, SOBR. Besides, as follows from the April decree of the President, the office will move the Center of a special purpose of forces of operative reaction and aircraft. Interior Ministry units, monitoring compliance with legislation in the sphere of turnover of weapon and private security, FGUP “Protection” and private security will also be included in Resguardo. Led Resguardo former security chief Putin Viktor Zolotov.