The leader of “Yabloko” for the year earned 2.4 million rubles.

The leader of the Federal list “the Apple”, the founder of the party Grigory Yavlinsky earned in 2015, nearly 2.4 million rubles, follows from information about the sources of income presented by a party to the CEC to register the list and published on the Commission’s website.

Sources of income Yavlinsky stated the St. Petersburg legislative Assembly, national research UNIVERSITY “Higher school of Economics” and regional public organization of the Epicenter. Of property, he declared only an apartment in Moscow.

The income of the Deputy Dmitry Gudkov, who is running with the support of “Apple” for 2015 amounted to 4.7 million rubles, He pointed out that owns apartments in Bulgaria, apartment in Moscow and Audi Q7.

The ex-mayor of Petrozavodsk Galina Shirshina, who is running for the state Duma in the Federal list, reported income in the amount of RUB 1.5 million. She pointed out that has two apartments in Karelia and Opel. Ex-Chairman of the “Yabloko”, the leader of the Moscow branch of the party Sergey Mitrokhin has earned in the past year to 1.12 million RUB. He also declared an apartment in Moscow.

The richest candidate in the list of “Yabloko” was Alexander Sweetin with an annual income of 15.2 million rubles For the second place in revenues among the candidates of the party were Vytautas Shovel with an annual income of 11.2 million rubles Third place went to Alexander Konashenkov with 10.6 million RUB followed by Sergei Shalygin with an income of 8.7 million rubles Vladimir Dorokhov, 8 mln. RUB.

A sixth level of annual income was taken by the Director Alexander Sokurov, who heads regional group “Yabloko” in St. Petersburg. He for 2015 earned 7.9 million RUB.

On Friday the CEC registered the list of “Apple” in the 305 people to participate in elections.