Lugansk mine: as for Moscow and Kyiv interpret the assassination of the head of the LC

The attempt on the self-proclaimed head of the Luhansk national Republic Igor Carpenter occurred on Saturday morning. According to local Ministry of state security, the attackers laid the bomb in the pillar of the traffic light on the opposite side of the road on which the vehicle was traveling with the Carpenter, his driver and guard. According to “Interfax”, the head of Lugansk got mine shrapnel wounds of the liver and spleen and was successfully operated. However, already in the evening of the same day on the official website of the President appeared audiotape Carpenter, in which he stated that “nothing serious happened” and talk about his disability, can only traitors and enemies of the LC. On Sunday, according to “Interfax”, he was discharged from the hospital.

Arm Ukraine and the USA

The LC immediately called his version of the causes of the accident. After a few hours after the assassination of the speaker of the Parliament of new Russia Oleg Tsarev reported that the law enforcement structures of the LC believe the main version of the work of the Ukrainian sabotage-reconnaissance groups. To capture Luhansk declared the plan “Interception”, clarified later by the representative of the Ministry of state security.

Carpentry in their evening audiotape already spoke about not only the Ukrainian authorities but also on the role of the United States. “Any attempt to speculate on my health — it intrigues, our collaborators of the Ukrainian side. You know the war is not over, and the Ukrainian government is of course the secret service of the United States and those who are trying to destabilize the situation in Ukraine and in the whole world. Those who hope to dethrone legitimate authority in the LC — is provocateurs. I think you should not listen to them, because these people are trying to shake and bring to zero the fact that we have already made” (quote according to the official website of the President, spelling and punctuation preserved).

Russia has supported this version. The first Deputy Chairman of the defense Committee of the Federation Council Frants Klintsevich said that the attack was intended to destabilize the situation in Lugansk Republic. Interested in this only the Kiev authorities, and anyone else the death of the Carpenter is not profitable, he said. Klintsevich and even suggested that the assassination of Carpenter and the murder of the Russian journalist Pavel Sheremet in Kiev can stand the same people.

Head close to the Kremlin Center for political conjuncture Alexei Chesnakov said that Ukraine wants to eliminate the heads of the republics signatories of the Minsk agreement. This is in order, first, to refuse to perform disadvantageous to her “Minsk-2”, he said. “Secondly, Ukraine is striving to create a power vacuum in the LC and the DNI. These reasons lie on the surface,” he says.

In April, the intelligence agencies the DNI announced the prevention of the assassination attempt on the head of the Republic Alexander Zakharchenko. Then there’s also spoke about the role of the Ukrainian security services.

Infighting and the machinations of Moscow

“The Ukrainian side was not involved in the assassination, because it is absolutely devoid of any logic and it will not solve any issue”, — said the speaker of the presidential administration of Ukraine Col. He suggested that, given the history of previous attacks in the occupied Donbas, in the case of Carpenter, it is a banal struggle for power and the redistribution of spheres of influence among the separatists.

The same version adhere and intelligence agencies of Ukraine. “Are strippers, there are seals, reorganization, and without power there can not do”, — explained the Advisor to the head of the SBU Yuriy Tandit.

Deputy Minister for the occupied territories, the George Tooke said that to kill Carpenter may be involved in the head of the neighboring Donetsk national Republic Alexander Zakharchenko. Tuck argues that the head of DNR and LC are competing over the allocation of spheres of influence and financial flows.

The adviser to the interior Minister of Ukraine Zoryan Shkiryak saw in the incident the role of the Russian special services. “I would not like to make predictions, it is not quite correct, but I can Express my personal point of view. And I have repeatedly insisted on it, I am convinced that the crime was ordered from outside that, most likely, it was carried out by the Russian special services”, — he said.

Will the aggravation

The self-proclaimed Republic saw in the incident a harbinger of a deteriorating situation. “This inhuman act has become a challenge to our entire society, all our aspirations for a peaceful and creative life,” — reads the statement of the administration of LC.

Zakharchenko went further and announced a possible resumption of hostilities. “The fact that Ukraine is preparing for the outbreak of hostilities, however, and today’s event, which is suffered with the safety guys, and Igor himself is another proof” — he said to journalists.

The Donetsk news Agency on Sunday, citing operational command of the Republic said that the day of the Ukrainian security forces 309 times violated the ceasefire. As a result of shelling were damaged 18 houses, the report said.

Ukraine does not want war, now in the conflict zone includes a parity of forces, in such circumstances, hostilities begin, agrees Ukrainian political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko. “Ukraine is now also saying that the separatists and Russia are preparing an offensive. Propaganda is the mutual escalation of the situation. But in the end, most likely, nobody is going to try to radically change the situation”, — predicts analyst.

Putin is now unprofitable to intensify the fighting as it goes against his plans for reconciliation with the West and the lifting of sanctions, and Ukraine is not ready for war, said Fesenko.

The same opinion is held in Moscow. A source close to the Kremlin administration also believes that none of the parties now is not interested in a significant intensification of hostilities.