Published after the assassination of the head of the LC was removed from his website

From the website of the head LNR Igor Carpenter removed the audiotape that was made after the assassination attempt. “Access denied”, — stated in the message that appears when you try to go to the page where it was formerly available audio.

The appeal came on the eve of the assassination. In this Chapter LNR blamed for the attacks on supporters of Ukrainian and American secret services.

“In case of any further developments associated with me and my life, information about these accomplices to Ukrainian and us intelligence, who are at different points, and LC and probably even in Russia, will be reported or the President of the Russian Federation, or the FSB Director. This information is already outside of our Republic”, — said, in particular Carpentry.

The assassination of Carpenter occurred on Saturday morning, August 6: along the road which passed his vehicle triggered a land mine. The head of the LC was hospitalized with mine shrapnel wounds. With him injured several people.

Adviser to the head of SBU Yury tandit said that the explosion near the car of the head of the LC can be linked to the struggle for power in the breakaway republics of Donbass.