The media found out about breaking a rebel siege of government troops in Aleppo

Syrian rebels broke through the encirclement of government troops in Eastern Aleppo, Reuters reported, citing rebel groups, as well as the London-based Syrian center for monitoring the observance of human rights.

According to the Agency, the opposition tried to break through the “thin strip of territory” controlled by the government to restore communication between rebel territory in the West of Syria surrounded the Eastern sector of Aleppo.

Breakthrough means “insulation held by the government of the Western territories of Aleppo”, because this way South towards Damascus will be cut off. In addition, writes Reuters, the break will give the rebels access to weapons stored at the base of the Syrian army.

According to the Syrian monitoring center, the rebels took control over a number of military facilities, noting that the success of the rebels was “the largest military and symbolic loss regime, Russia, Iran and Lebanese Hezbollah

Associated with the Syrian government media, according to Reuters, has denied the information about the breakthrough.

The U.S. state Department called the situation “volatile”.

The siege of East Aleppo began in mid-July. Turkish foreign Ministry earlier called the siege of Aleppo unacceptable. In addition, Ankara has stressed that the situation in Aleppo, the situation threatens a new wave of migration.

On 28 July the President of Russia Vladimir Putin instructed jointly with the Syrian authorities to begin large-scale humanitarian operation in Aleppo. Goal — the creation of humanitarian corridors, which the city can leave as civilians, and agreed to surrender the militants.

In the Kremlin have underlined that the transaction is not a preparation for storming the city government army.