Apple has offered a record prize for the discovery of vulnerabilities

Apple has offered a record prize for the discovery of vulnerabilities

Moscow. 5 Aug. Apple Inc. one of the latest in Silicon valley announced the launch of a reward program for reporting of identified vulnerabilities and security flaws. The program will start in September, said the head of Department of development and security architectures Apple Ivan Krstic at the conference Black Hat.

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According to the wall street journal, Wired, offer Apple, albeit belated, is the most attractive in the corporate history of the United States: the company is willing to pay up to $200 thousand for a particularly valuable discovery.

Krstic also told the participants about some aspects of the security control system, “intelligent” HomeKit technology, auto unlock computer AutoUnlock, and password management and personal data of iCloud Keychain.

The fact of the lead engineer Apple at the conference Black Hat was unusual: the last four years, the company has not participated in this event that gathers everyone interested in information security, including corporate experts, representatives of state services, States and hackers. Presentations of security issues, Apple typically reserves to its own conference for developers WWDC.

According to Financial Times, the pressure on Apple from government agencies and the community intensified after the history with hacking the iPhone. In March 2016, the FBI acquired from hackers algorithm on hacking the iPhone, which belonged to the party of attacks on civilians in the California San Bernadino Saeed Farouk. The purchase price was, according to one, $1 million, others more than $1.3 million.

The FBI had to take this step after Apple refused to voluntarily develop software that will help to unlock the phone shot during the arrest of Farouk. The FBI believed that the phone may contain important for investigators information. After hacking the FBI has withdrawn a lawsuit against Apple, which in court wanted to force the company to unlock a phone.