Russian long-range bombers attacked ISIS near Palmyra

Russian long-range bombers Tu-22M3 bombers attacked positions of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (ISIS banned in Russia) near Palmyra. This was stated in the press service and information of the defense Ministry, “Interfax”.

The blows inflicted six long-range bombers. They took off from the territory of Russia and struck a “fixed shot high-explosive ammunition” on ISIS targets in the areas to the East and North-West of Palmyra,” said the Agency. The wounds were near settlements es-Sohne and Arak.

During the impact destroyed the control room, and major field camp near the town of es-Sohne. Destroyed control points and clusters of terrorists, three terrorists, infantry fighting vehicles, 12 vehicles with heavy machine guns and “a large number of manpower of the opponent”.

The Russian military considered the possibility of response to downed in early August in Syria the Mi-8 helicopter. One of the options discussed is to manage the impacts of strategic aviation, wrote “Kommersant” with reference to informed sources. A final decision would be taken after consultations in the General staff.

Military helicopter Mi-8 was downed in Syria on August 1. It happened in Idlib province.