The residents of the Kurils promised a mortgage at 0%

Residents of the Kuril Islands will be able to get a mortgage at 0% to buy an apartment in an apartment house or building your own. This was during a working trip to the Kuril Islands was declared by the Sakhalin region Governor Oleg Kozhemyako, reported the press service of the regional government.

“It’s about providing mortgages for residents of the Kuril Islands at 0% through Sakhalin mortgage Agency. They will have the choice to live in an apartment building or build their own based on financial capability,” said Kozhemyako.

The Governor said that in the second case, authorities will be required to provide borrowers a plot of land.

Kozhemyako also noted that on the island of Iturup, the planned construction of rental buildings where the apartments I wanted to 173 families. The head of administration of the Kuril district Geogre Mitrik, in turn, said that land plots for individual construction has already got 49 people, in the near future will be declared the auction for the construction of apartment buildings on two sites. According to him, the work of Sakhalin mortgage Agency will begin in 1.5 months.

Now on the Kuril Islands there are 364 apartment houses, 44 of which are deemed unfit for habitation, said the press service of the government of the Sakhalin region. According to the results of the working trip to the region Kozhemyako also instructed to develop documentation for construction of new schools in Kurilsk and offshore, to build a new boiler, to lay engineering networks and the complete reconstruction of 4 km of trails.

The average rate on mortgages in Russia in the first half of 2016 amounted to 12.7%, 1.3 PP lower than in the first half of last year, previously reported the Agency for housing mortgage lending (AHML). According to the Bank of Russia, the number of mortgage loans in the first half grew 44% compared to the same period in 2015. All borrowers were issued 389,8 thousand mortgage loans for a total amount of 664,5 billion.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on 4 August had a working meeting with the head of Sberbank German Gref, which has urged Russians not to wait for reduce mortgage rates and to borrow the “now.” Gref agreed with the President and said that now “one of the most positive moments” to buy their own homes.