The world’s billionaires increased aggregate as to record

The number of people with a fortune of $1 billion and more in the world in 2015, an increase of 6.4%, and now the capital can boast 2473 human, follows from the report of the company Wealth-X. the General condition of the billionaires analysts Wealth-X at the end of 2015 is estimated at $7,683 trillion, which is an absolute record for all time of reporting.

Compared to the previous year, the total capital of billionaires grew by 5.4% and exceeded the size of GDP of all countries of the world except the USA and China.

According to Wealth-X, the most “productive” 2015 year has been for Asia (excluding Middle East) — the number of billionaires here increased 15.2%, which is almost five times exceeded the growth rate in North America. As a result, the Asia came in second place for number of residents with a fortune of $1 billion in the world, the total number of billionaires in the region has risen to 645 people against 628 in North America.

The largest number of billionaires remains Europe (806), however, the aggregate wealth of the wealthy in 2015, was reduced (by 1.9%), while the total state’s billionaires are from North America, Asia and the Middle East increased (8%, 19.6% and 9%, respectively). Under the control of the richest North Americans by the end of 2015 was $2,561 trillion, that is exactly one third of the status of all billionaires of the world. Share their European competitors amounted to approximately 30,33% ($2,33 trillion), Asian – 21,95% ($1.686 trillion).

Less billionaires, as shown by a study of Wealth-X, is now living in Oceania. General condition 33 of the richest Australians and their neighbours in the region has been estimated at $70 billion a year this condition declined by almost 28% to less than 1% of the total capital of the global club of billionaires.”

According to Wealth-X, 56% of the members of this “club” went in on my own. 1372 the combined wealth of billionaires from the category of self-made (during the year their number grew by 7%) analysts estimate of $4,34 bln. For another 778 people (31%, $2,301 trillion) start-up capital was a major inheritance, but billionaires they had escaped themselves. Inherited “membership card” to the club of billionaires received only 13% of its current members — 323 people, with a total capital of $1,042 trillion.

Most billionaires have earned their money in the financial sector (15.2 per cent), while the percentage of people from industry is only 4.9%.

According to Wealth-X, the majority of the state (from 1288 2473) modern billionaires does not exceed $2 billion in Capital of $2-5 billion own 813 people, with a fortune of $5-10 billion 224 people, from $10 billion to $25 billion have 110 people. On top of the pyramid are the owners of the States in the $25-50 billion (33) and over $50 billion Last, according to estimates by Wealth-X, the world’s only five, and together they control a capital of $323 billion.

The vast majority now living in the world of billionaires are men (2179 people, or 88,1%). In the hands of a strong focused floor – $6,807 trillion, or approximately 88.6 per cent of the total capital of world’s billionaires. With women-billionaires, according to Wealth-X, on average, a year younger — 62,2 years compared to 63.2 years for men. According to experts Wealth-X, the next ten years, the heirs of the current billionaires could inherit $2,86 trillion within 20 years, the average amount of the inheritance will grow to $4.18 trillion.

The report noted that 85,1% of the world’s billionaires are married, compared with last year the number of those who are free, increased by 1%. Most unmarried unmarried or divorced rich people (7.2 per cent) or widowed (4.4 percent), the proportion of singles is only 3.4%.

In the study by Wealth-X reported that at 2473 billionaires have 2160 degrees, the most among billionaires bachelors of doctors of medicine.

In March 2016 Forbes experts estimated the total number of billionaires in the world in 1810, and total state $of 6.48 trillion ($570 billion less than the previous year). Then the company Knight Frank has released a new report, The Wealth Report, which reported on the reduction in the number of billionaires in the world 3% from 1982 to 1919.