Erdogan has called the perpetrators of undermining Russian-Turkish relations

Evening of August 9, Erdogan met in St. Petersburg with representatives of business circles of Russia and Turkey and pointed out that relations between the two countries reflects the activities of the gülen.

“Today we understand even better that the terrorist organization of Fethullah and the forces that stand behind him, and undermined our relations”, – quotes the Turkish President “Interfax”.

Erdogan mentioned the incident at the end of last year, when Turkish fighter jet shot down a Russian su-24 near the border with Syria. “Everybody knows if a black shadow has fallen – the incident tragic situation with the plane,” said the Turkish President.

July 20, Erdogan said on the possible involvement of the organization’s pilots involved in the destruction of the Russian bomber. According to the President, they were taken into custody, and the final involvement of the pilots to the organizers of the military coup that the court should set. As argued by Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Mehmet Simsek, they suspected that was bombed during the rebellion of civilian objects.

Immediately after the suppression of the attempted coup, the mayor of Ankara Melih Gescheh said that the “parallel structure” in the Armed forces were responsible for the deterioration of relations with Moscow.

24 Nov 2015 Turkish fighter jet shot down a Russian su-24. The incident killed the pilot Oleg Peshkov. Ankara claimed that the Russian crew was warned about the violation of Turkish airspace, but Moscow denied it.