Putin first spoke with the new Prime Minister of great Britain

The two leaders during a telephone conversation expressed “dissatisfaction with the current parameters of cooperation in political, trade-economic spheres,” and also agreed “to intensify the joint work in a number of areas,” reads the message of the Kremlin.

Putin may have agreed on “establishing a dialogue on intelligence matters dealing with aviation security”. They also planned to conduct in the near future personal meeting.

In addition, Mei has confirmed the participation of the United Kingdom “solid” in the celebrations dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the arrival in Archangelsk of the first British Arctic convoy.

Telephone conversation of Vladimir Putin and Theresa may took place at the initiative of the British side, said the Kremlin.

May was appointed Prime Minister on 13 July as the leader of the Conservative party. She took this post after the previous Prime Minister David Cameron announced his intention to leave in connection with the results of a referendum on Brexit, in which the inhabitants of Britain spoke for the country’s withdrawal from the European Union.

The day of the appointment may for Prime Minister Putin sent telegrams to her, and Cameron. The Russian head of state has pozdravil may with the appointment and stressed that the people of both countries are interested in the preservation and enhancement of accumulated for a long time the significant potential of Russian-British cooperation in various fields.

During his first speech in Parliament on July 18 Mei spoke out against nuclear disarmament of great Britain, Recalling the “real threats” from Russia and North Korea.

Press Secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, commenting on this statement, noted that the Kremlin “sorry to consider” such statements of the new Prime Minister of Britain, considering them to be infidels. “Apparently, the Prime Minister has not yet quite entered the course of international Affairs. Russia is one of the main guarantors of international stability and nuclear security, strategic security, it is an indisputable fact”, — he stressed.

Peskov expressed the hope that Theresa may “will prevail not subjective but objective point of view” about Russia. He stressed that Russia has always advocated “maintaining good and friendly relations, cooperation in trade-economic and sensitive areas necessary for all of us, in the fight against terrorism.” “We advocate the establishment of such relations with great Britain”, — he stressed.