Rally in Moscow against the “Spring law” gathered 400 people

According to the oppositionist Leonid Volkov and supporters of Alexei Navalny, a protest against the anti-terrorism amendment (so-called “law of Spring”) near Hyde Park Sokolniki gathered about 400 people. According to Volkov, “the flow from the underground is.”

To the”Sokolniki profit and the police, however, their assessment of the size of the meeting, the Ministry of interior have yet been announced.

Speaking at the rally, blogger Anton Nosik called the “Spring law” a serious threat to the constitutional rights of Russians. Problem he called the monitoring of personal data of citizens by the security forces, as well as the fact that storage costs will increase by 360 times. According to the Spout, the innovations will cost 5-7 billion rubles.

“We need to counteract this in public field, because this is primarily a corrupt package. This is money that could build schools and kindergartens,” — said Spout.

It was expected that the rally will make an Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev, however, he “Sokolniki” has not arrived.

The opposition was originally filed an application to hold a rally “against the law of Spring” at the Yauza gates. The municipality eventually agreed on a share, however, advocated the transfer of “Sokolniki”.

Actions against the “law of Spring” in late July and passed in several other cities of Russia. At a meeting in Novosibirsk has gathered 200 people, the event in Yekaterinburg was attended by 150 people, in Ufa — 80. Rallies also took place in Kurgan, Kazan and Volgograd.