The UN called for the urgent introduction of silence regime in Aleppo

UN calls on Syria to urgently take a pause in the fighting near the Syrian city of Aleppo to conduct humanitarian operations. This is stated in the statement of the humanitarian coordinator in Syria, Yacoub Hello and the regional coordinator of the Syrian crisis center Kevin Kennedy reported on the organization’s website.

“At least, the UN requires a full-fledged agreement on cease-fire or a weekly 48-hour “humanitarian pause” to reach the millions in need in Aleppo, to replenish food stocks and medicines, which is critically lacking,” the statement reads.

It also States that without water and light in Aleppo are about two million people. Water wells and tanks Aleppo is not enough to meet the needs of the population, and if not to restore the water and power lines, the consequences could be “devastating”, say UN officials.

The delivery of humanitarian supplies to the organizations propose to establish with Turkey. While the statement stressed that all parties must guarantee the safety of civilians and infrastructure in accordance with international law.

The humanitarian situation in Aleppo was discussed at the UN at an informal meeting with members of the security Council. On Tuesday, the security Council will hold a special envoy of the UN Secretary General to Syria Staffan de Mistura meeting, which raised the issue of a political settlement of the Syrian conflict.

On July 28 about the opening of humanitarian corridors for civilians and Syrian fighters who want to surrender, announced the authorities of Russia and Syria. It happened on the next day after the Syrian government issued an ultimatum to the militants, urging them to surrender.

On 3 August, the Russian defense Ministry reported the first results of work of a humanitarian corridor. According to authorities, around 400 civilians have left areas of Aleppo, more than 200 people received qualified medical assistance, 94 militants laid down their arms.