In Stavropol attacked Mikhail Kasyanov

In Stavropol before the meeting of Chairman of the party PARNAS Mikhail Kasyanov with the residents of the province on policy attacked, told to “Rain” candidate to the state Duma of Parnassus Andrei Zubov, who arrived in Stavropol together with Kasyanov.

According to him, the attack occurred in front of the hotel “Continent”, near which gathered about 30 people.

“From Moscow brought a whole group of people. We personally already know the faces of those people whom carry from town to town, who arrange fights. When we arrived, there were about 25-30 already prepared for scandal. And when we were walking from the car to the entrance to the hotel was shouting there. Of course, give a ticket to, I don’t remember, Brussels or Washington. Said leave,” – said Teeth.

According to him, Kasyanov several times tried to hit, and even hit, his shirt was torn, his arms and legs, though the guards tried to restrain it.”

Politicians have been able to go to the gym, but the attackers followed them, told Teeth. “Only two police officers, who guard all of this, they are small and, of course,can not do anything with this group of Cossacks and Nodovtsev” — he said, adding that most of the attackers have already seen a similar meeting in Ryazan.