NTV spoke about the dummy actor in the story to Sky News about the mercenaries in Syria

Russian TV channel NTV announced that the British TV channel Sky News in a report about fighting in Syria, the Russian mercenaries from so-called “group of Wagner” the role of a soldier named Dmitri took dummy actor from Moscow.

Under the version of NTV, a professional actor Alexander Agapov, who plays in the theatre-Studio of Oleg Budenkova agreed a fee of RUB 100 thousand to star in the story Sky News in the role of a mercenary, and then reported it to the Russian journalists.

Agapov said that he allegedly handed a script and asked to be organic and were given a few days to prepare. According to the NTV report, the actor made on tape recording interviews, which he took British reporters during the shooting plot. NTV in his story brings a fragment of an audio recording on which Agapov says the words spoken by the hero of the story to Sky News. The full audio recording of the NTV is not published. The faces of the characters in the story Sky News in the story of the British journalists are seen.

In the story Sky News the two men, introduced himself as Alexander and Dmitry said that he was recruited by the Russian private military company known as the “Wagner group” to fight in Syria. According to the characters of the story in Syria has killed hundreds of Russian mercenaries. Sky News noted that Alexander is not the real name of the source, the authenticity of the name Dmitri is not specified.

At the time of publication of the material the website of the theatre-Studio of Oleg Budenkova, where, according to NTV, played by Alexander Agapov, was not available, the phone is answered.