Putin said Ukraine’s transition to the practice of terror

President Vladimir Putin blamed the Ukrainian government for the transition to terror instead of solving the conflict issues at the negotiating table, reports .

“The Russian side has losses, killed two soldiers. We are definitely past those things to pass will not. I would like to ask our American and European partners. I think is obvious to everyone that the Kiev authorities are not looking for a way to solve problems in the negotiations, and move to terror. This is a very disturbing thing,” Putin said.

“At first glance, it would seem that this is a stupid and criminal act. Stupid because it is impossible to have a positive impact on people living in the Crimea, and the criminal, because people died. But I think the situation is more worrying because any other sense, except to distract their own people from the plight of the economy, from the plight of a significant number of people there,” — said the President.

He also said that the attempt to provoke violence, to provoke a conflict is carried out in order to “divert public attention” from those people who continue to Rob their own people for as long as possible to resist this power.

Putin also said about the absurdity of meeting in the Normandy format on the background of the arrest of saboteurs in the Crimea.