Sky News spoke about the deaths of hundreds of Russian mercenaries in Syria

Two soldiers “of the group of Wagner, whose name is Alexander and Dmitry claim that in Syria, in their opinion, killing hundreds of mercenaries hired by the Russian private military company. In an interview with Sky News one of them, Dmitry, has stated that, in his estimation, they killed from 500 to 600 people.

Both sides of the channel have confirmed that the mercenaries were placed on the Russian military base on the Syrian coast. According to Alexander, together with it profits 564 people. His unit had two company reconnaissance company air defence, two strike teams and infantry, and heavy artillery and tanks. Dmitry said that with him in Syria were still 900 people.

Sky News notes that Alexander is not the real name of the person, the authenticity of of Dmitry, the channel did not specify. According to Alexander, the loss of personnel was 50 to 50. He said that he killed mostly those who came to fight for money, and those who fought for the idea, against the Americans, was more likely to survive.

Alexander argues that accurate data on losses of the “group of Wagner” in Syria is not. He said that sometimes dead bodies are cremated, and on paper they were missing. In other cases, according to Alexander, the documents indicated that the man died in the Donbass or in a car accident.

According to interlocutors of the channel, the mercenaries crossed into Syria Russian military transport aviation. The salary of the soldiers were the equivalent of about £3 thousand ($3,92 thousand). They participated in different battles with insurgents, including terrorists of the banned in Russia organization “Islamic state”.

Alexander said that for training to be sent to Syria even took people who had never held a weapon. According to Dmitry, the recruits were given a standard set of a NATO soldier.

The sides of the channel told that mercenaries were sent on a “suicide mission” intended for the “treatment” of the enemy before the onset of the regular units of the Syrian army. “During the assault on Palmyra, we were used as cannon fodder,” recalls Alexander, who took part in this operation. Dmitry said that Moscow is now up to 50 former mercenaries who have no documents and who are experiencing psychological stress.

The activities of private military companies (PMCs) in Russia legislatively is not settled. In the fall of 2014 in the state Duma was introduced a bill which proposed to decriminalize the mercenaries for their employees on the basis of licenses issued. Discussion of the bill, according to the publication “Military review”, is still ongoing.

For the first time about Russian private military companies (PMCs) Wagner in October of 2015, wrote the publication “Fontanka”. Later on Russian mercenaries in Syria, told The Wall Street Journal. According to the publication, in October 2015, in the West of Syria killed nine people from the group of Wagner. Three source claimed that after the losses as a result of mortar bombardment group was withdrawn from Syria. The defense Ministry denied this information. The WSJ source close to the defense Ministry of Russia, said that the group of Wagner has approximately 1 thousand people.

Later “Fontanka” said the head of Russian PMCs Wagner. The publication claimed that his real name is Dmitry Utkin. He began a military career in the Pskov brigade of the GRU. In 2013, the future Wagner went to Syria as part of another private military company “Slavic corps”. The operation ended in failure: the company’s employees were evacuated, the owners of Evgeny Sidorov and Vladimir Gusev were arrested.

After unsuccessful forays into Syria, according to “Fontanka”, Utkin took part in military operations in the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. This information was indirectly confirmed by Russian and Ukrainian media. “Fontanka” also first spoke about the basis of preparation of the personnel of PMCs in Molkino (data — Rostov-on-don, in this village located in/h 51532, in which is stationed the 10th separate brigade of special purpose GRU). The interlocutor of the edition familiar with the PMCs, assessed the troop strength of 600 people. During the Russian operation in Syria Wagner, according to “Fontanka”, lost several dozen soldiers.

The defense Ministry did not respond to the query about the group of Wagner and the preparation of the fighters on the territory of military unit in Molkino.