The media learned about the idea of the elaborate system of wiretapping for the “Spring law”

The FSB proposes to use to store customer traffic, under the so-called anti-terrorist amendments (the”Spring package”), the equipment of system of operative-investigative activities (SORM), which is already installed on the network operators and is intended for wiretapping. About this “Vedomosti” citing sources close to the two operators.

This equipment uses for saving data of the so-called ring buffer SORM, which in a circle records the traffic of users, whose attitude is carried out quickly-search actions, and keeps them for 12 hours, said the interlocutors of the newspaper.

According to them, the FSB proposes to expand the buffer memory to traffic was kept there for six months. This information was confirmed by the newspaper close to the Ministry of industry and trade official.

In addition, the FSB proposes that in the ring buffer SORM kept not only data traffic, but also record conversations, continue close to the operators the sources of the newspaper.

Now to access the specific record in the array SORM, you must scroll through all the previous ones, however, in the scope of the requirements of anti-terrorist amendments, this procedure is extremely inconvenient, said one of interlocutors of the newspaper. Another source explains that the ring buffer will have to build a costly system of searching and indexing of information you need to create from scratch. A Federal official, in turn, said that the extension of the buffer one way of enforcing the law.

Sources of “sheets” suggest that the costs for system adjustments will fall on the operators themselves, but to rate them is not taken. Previously, the operators estimated the total cost of storage traffic in the framework of the “Spring law” in 2.2 trillion rubles.

The FSB did not respond to a request “Vedomosti”.

Anti-terrorist package of amendments of the Deputy Irina Spring and Senator Viktor Ozerov, which obliges operators to store the contents of calls and correspondence subscribers to six months, the state Duma adopted in June of this year.

The amendments provoked criticism on the part of operators who rated the execution of the document 2.2 trillion, and community members. Yesterday in Sokolniki rally against the “law of Spring”, which activists have called it “corruption” and “a serious threat to the constitutional rights of Russians.