Feldman saw the US state Department for the attempted terrorist attacks in Crimea

The US state Department is behind the terrorist attacks in the Crimea, the prevention of which was announced on the eve of the FSB of Russia. This opinion was expressed by the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov in a telephone interview to TV channel “Russia 24”.

“You see which way they [the Ukrainian authorities] arose, — the way of terror. That is the way that they tested against its own citizens, has now decided to take him abroad. But I’m sure it’s not their own actions and the promises behind them looms the US state Department, because officials of Ukraine of the spirit would not be enough for such events”, — said Aksenov.

According to him, now in the Crimea strengthened security measures. “First of all technical activities on the border with Ukraine, we have to part of the land border not long, so you can everything be set up in such a way that not even a fly flew by,” — said the head of the Crimea.

He added that the Crimeans themselves are hanged vigilant and have been actively encouraging government and law enforcement in the capture of the saboteurs, including the patrols. According to Aksenov, and utilizing the efforts of the local population helps the authorities to identify suspicious persons.

On 10 August, the Russian FSB reported on the prevention of terrorist attacks in the Crimea, which, according to the Agency, was preparing the Main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry of Ukraine. The FSB said that the group of saboteurs was discovered in Armyansk on the night of 7 August. During the shooting killed an FSB officer and one serviceman of the defense Ministry.

Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the Ukrainian authorities in the transition to terror instead of resolve issues at the negotiating table. He called attempts to carry out terrorist attacks “stupid and pointless”campaign.

Kiev all charges in his address denies. President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called the accusations of terrorism “fantasies” and the Ministry of defense of Ukraine has considered the statements of the Ukrainian saboteurs “fake” and a “provocation”.