Media reported about the plans of the detainees saboteurs “to kill tourism in the Crimea

Detained in the Crimea saboteurs planned to organize at various points of the Peninsula a series of small power explosions that would have sown panic among the crowd. So they planned to kill the tourism in the Crimea. About it writes on Thursday the newspaper “Kommersant”, citing sources familiar with the testimony of detainees.

According to their testimony, to commit terrorist acts against the leaders of Crimea or in its industrial facilities, they were not going. Was supposed to organize at various points of the resort a series of small power explosions that should not have been to cause the death of people and cause panic among tourists and, ultimately, in the words of the interlocutor of the edition, “to kill tourism”.

From the testimony of detainees, it also follows that the explosives were supposed to deliver the second group that went through a different route. She had to leave the explosives and other weapons in a specially prepared vault.

According to detainees, they cooperated with the main intelligence Directorate of a
Ministry of defense of Ukraine, which passed commando training. Also, according to their testimony, they were one of several groups directed by the Ukrainian intelligence in the Crimea.

Sources also said that most of the detainees were residents of the Crimea, some were in possession of Russian passports. Their authenticity is yet to be determined, said the interlocutors of the newspaper.

Earlier, sources of “the Russian newspaper” reported that the detainees in the Crimea saboteurs planned to undermine the route Simferopol — Yalta during the movement of motorcades of the leaders of the Republic and Federal authorities.

On 10 August, the FSB of Russia announced the elimination of Ukrainian subversive groups and preventing terrorist attacks in the Crimea. In a statement the secret service said that a group of saboteurs was discovered in the city of Armyansk on the night of 6 to 7 August. During the shooting killed an FSB officer and member of the defense Ministry.

Kiev all charges in his address denies. The defense Ministry and the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian defense Ministry called reports about the Ukrainian subversive group “provocation” and “a fake.” The Ukrainian foreign Ministry called the events in the Crimea “provocation of the Kremlin”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin commenting on the reports of the FSB, accused the Ukrainian authorities in the transition to terror instead of solving the conflict issues at the negotiating table. He called attempts to carry out terrorist attacks in the Crimea “stupid and pointless”campaign.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko called the accusations of terrorism “fantasies”.