“United Russia” offer to join “the majority’m the unfailing”

The Central Executive Committee of “United Russia” has prepared a brochure entitled “the Agitator” () — a training manual, which will distribute party agitators throughout the country. It is 55 pages of answers to possible questions of voters and opponents, which may arise during the campaign for the Duma elections. The document explains why you should make a choice in favor of “United Russia”.

To make the brochure asked the regional office, they formed the most difficult questions to answer are when communicating with people they need help, explains Deputy Secretary of the party’s General Council Olga batalina. “Agitators, agents and candidates must correctly explain the logic of a decision, instead of leaving voters in thrall to the views of political opponents. In the “United Russia” each decision is preceded by a great and serious discussion, the result need to be able to share,” she said.

Nine years in power

From the brochure it appears that the voters need to explain that the “United Russia” is in power recently and it is not necessary to blame for all the sins of the past. “United Russia” today is the youngest among the parties of the leading countries — Britain, USA, Germany, France, Japan and Canada”, — with these words begins the brochure. The party has appeared only in December 2001, and a constitutional majority formed only to 2007, the authors continue. “We can say that United Russia is in the beginning of his great political journey. Nevertheless, after nine years in power the party was not afraid to take on serious challenges, set ambitious goals and successfully implement large-scale projects and to win in sharp competitive struggle” — this phrase ends the Preface.

United Russia is not the first time I repeat the thesis that have been in power recently. At the end of last year at a conference in the Kremlin development Fund civil society said the Secretary of the General Council of the party Sergei Neverov. Although in the 2003 state Duma from “United Russia” was necessary to make amendments to the Constitution the most. The election the party received just 37.5 percent, but due to the addition of single-mandate part of its faction in the Duma included 304 deputies from 450.

To blame the Communists

The agitators explain why “United Russia” does not accept the bill on “children of war”, which made the deputies of the Communist party. The document suggests that citizens who at the time of war are under the age of 14 years are entitled to payments and benefits. The text stresses that the United Russia party have respect for these people, but “it would be irresponsible without proper financial provision to make populist laws in difficult financial circumstances only in order to look attractive in the eyes of voters”. The party should comply with existing social obligation, moreover, in society there is no consensus on the question of who should be referred to this category.

The head on why the party is not in favor of the abolition of the contributions for the repair, begins with the words that a significant amount of dilapidated housing “inherited from the Communist Soviet times.” “At the same party, which offer to cancel the fee for the overhaul, do not offer anything in return, but if the house suddenly someone will fall off a piece of the wall, they will be the first to stand with banners and ask why this house was not renovated”, — the document says.

On the question of whether a raised retirement age, the agitators will give an ambiguous answer. At the moment it makes no sense to do it, but the question needs very careful consideration and wide public debate.” “But even if in the future there will be prerequisites for raising the retirement age, it should not concern those citizens who left to work until retirement a few years.”

To cancel the exam do not need the brochure. Thanks to this system the graduate school from any region can enter any University. But the procedure itself remains a lot of criticism, so the exam is constantly being improved.

To introduce a progressive tax scale is not necessary, it may lead to a rise and fall of the Russian economy, the authors note. More effective to take anti-offshore legislation, they add.

The majority is not wrong

In the late are 18 answers to the question: “Why “United Russia”?” One of the answers: “United Russia — the party of the majority of Russians, the majority can’t be wrong”. There is a similar argument: “If not United Russia, then who? Imagine Russia under the rule of any political opposition”.

Another argument in favor of the United Russia party to support Putin has chosen a course. The authors agree that, perhaps too slowly the country is changing”. “But a faster way is the path of the revolution, and that destruction,” they insist.

“United Russia” is not only Parliament that Crimea and Sevastopol, is the support of the foreign policy, the fight against terrorism. Finally, one of the last arguments: “United Russia — the party of those for whom Crimea is more expensive Courchevel”.

United Russia really adequately enumerated the motives of their supporters — the party of Putin, inertia and unwillingness to change sewed on soap and unattractiveness of alternatives, said political analyst Yevgeny Minchenko. “Maybe their candidate is not perfect, but the alternative is worse”, — the expert logic of the voters.

No matter how ridiculous, but the argument that the majority is not wrong — do armor-piercing, says analyst Abbas Gallyamov. “It is Russian tradition of conciliarity: the majority right and the minority is not,” he said.

But the argument that the United Russia party recently in power is deceit and he does not pass notes Gallyamov. “Can rationally be true, but people perceive the arguments emotionally. As they can remember, as Putin is in power. And “United Russia” — Putin’s party, that is, it is in power for 16 years” — sums up the expert.