“I won’t deny it, Sam I am devious: bright quotes Sergei Ivanov

Of private Andrei Sychev, who lost his legs because of bullying

“I am the last few days was far from Russian territory, high in the mountains, and about what happened in Chelyabinsk, not heard. While thinking it is anything very serious there. Otherwise, I would definitely know” (“RIA Novosti, January 2006).

About the political elite

“I himself to the elite, sorry, not consider. The elite of the whole, in 1917, brought up by the roots. The political elite have not and can not be” (Valdai forum, October 2014).

About the possibility of a Russian attack on NATO countries

“You can’t compare the budget of NATO and Russian defense budget. We’re talking about the elephant and the pug, Hippo and a domestic cat. This is comparable to our military budgets. We have a very different military power. But most importantly, why we should do it? What do you seriously think we want to start a war with NATO? Are we suicidal?” (Financial Times, 2015)

About deferment from the army

“The delay we had even a talented balalaika players, talented artists. That we put an end to. We are the world record holders for the number of delays, we have them from 23 to 25%, I forgot. They have in recent years, especially in the late 1990s, grew up like mushrooms” (“Echo of Moscow”, December 2004).

About the fall of morals

“I could not resist and said that many of our media contribute to mental debilitation of the population. Mental debilitation, unfortunately, continues. Savagery and moral degradation is a serious problem” (Meeting of Vladimir Putin with the Trustees, December 2012).

About the game the national team of Russia on football with Austria in June 2015

“Misery” (“Cempionatam (June 2015).

Of Muscovites

“A resident of Moscow — relative concept. What the residents of Moscow? Janitors, drivers, office plankton, journalists, officials… services industry, trade. Or at least bloggers. There is such a profession. This 15-20-million-strong mass produces? Nothing. Intellectual property? The question is doubtful. Take Novosibirsk, they produce high-tech products, aircraft, assemblies for nuclear reactors, which are bought all over the world. They produce products with which to pay taxes. What is produced in Moscow, I don’t understand” (interview to the Russian media, October 2013).

On the income declarations of officials

“We are in the process of verification, and not everyone who does not have, crooks and thieves… you Know, to fill in the Declaration for the woman you ten years in eyes did not see… to Understand that life is much richer than any laws. You can’t have a witch hunt. So it is possible to reach senility” (an Interview with Russian media, October 2013).

A low voter turnout on elections of the mayor of Moscow

“What normal person goes to vote, if it is overall more or less satisfied? The normal man in the street will not go. This is standard practice, and, thank God, we are close to her. People actively go to vote only when they are unhappy. When they are happy, why spend the weekend on the poll? I’m better at giving go, the apples will be harvested, the crop this year is good. This is normal human psychology” (an Interview with Russian media, October 2013).

About the leopards and Greenpeace

“I love leopards, but don’t think of only them. Love the tiger and Cheetah, and lion. Generally like a living entity. With age come to the sad conclusion that with cats and dogs more comfortable than with other people. The dog — man’s best friend, she would never betray. Cats are also good things… I love nature. But I’m not a tree hugger, Greenpeace I don’t like. Nature must be preserved, and I do what I can. Why I love leopards, basketball and ballet? Because they combine it all: grace, intelligence, jumping ability and cunning. I won’t deny it, he sometimes treacherous” (an Interview with Russian media, October 2013).

About plans to run for President

“Asking me this question for thirteen years. To talk about the elections of 2018 seriously, in my opinion, there is no reason. I understand your job is to write about it with a straight face. But, believe me, neither I nor anyone else in the presidential administration did not bother now questions about who will be President of Russia already in 2018. There is a good Russian saying: “need to Survive”. Five years is still. I think the President sits with me and discusses what will happen in 2018? Do we have no other problems?” (An interview with Russian media, October 2013)